Friday, September 12, 2014

The Show must go on!

Sunrise is my favourite time of the day. It is that quiet, magic time of reflection before we all start rushing through a new day.
I love chasing that soft light over the Grasslands but it is not very easy to get there during the weekdays. Sometimes I see the most amazing colours from my windows and I feel very anxious to go and capture it.
The few weekend days when I am able to go out in the mornings are therefore even more special.
Sometimes Mother Nature gives me a private show of most unique colours, shapes and contrasts.
Sometimes I take some decent shots. Sometimes, not so good and I start doubting myself.
But recently, a great photographer, a man that I admire very much, said something to me that struck a chord: "Never compare yourself to anybody else. We are all on a photographic journey".
My digital journey is just at the beginning; with trials and errors.
But what a great start to my days, just seeing these amazing colours.

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