Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Unexpected encounter

Yesterday morning I was walking home and as usually, I went through the Grasslands.
I came across a new mob of kangaroos - by now, I am able to recognise the various troops and I kind of know their "territory" as well.
I haven't seen these ones before. Bigger than any roos I have seen in any of the other sides of the reserve.
These ones were also holding their grounds. They didn't seem to mind me walking towards them - all the others would have been running away by now. When I was 15-20m close, it was the first time after all these months that I considered any safety thoughts.
I am a typical ignoramus and until now I never thought about how close is too close. But I was surely not going to try and find out.
So this is what I could take, without a proper zoom.
By comparison, this is one of the roos from my usual mob.
One fascinating thing  that I got to read about kangaroos is that a female kangaroo can virtually be always pregnant and that she has the ability of "freezing" the development process of the embryo. How amazing is that, when it comes to species survival?

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