Saturday, December 31, 2016

About the roundness of a circle

Thursday, November 10, 2016

About Love, after the Storm

The trees stood tall in the grasslands last night while the little people cuddled a bit closer and asked me to hold them tight.
- "We've been through storms before and we will see some more", I said to them. "Don't let fear guide you - hope should always be the last to leave".
We could see the trees from our window - the grasslands were bathed in light and the thunders were roaring, seconds apart. All throughout these crazy winds, the trees stood tall. And then the rhythmic raindrops falling on the window sent the little people to sleep.

In the morning, the trees were still there, with no visible sign of the battering they've just been through.
One thing that never ceased to amaze me at my grandparents' farm was how the grass would always come afresh after a good rain. Even the most trampled, crushed blades of grass would raise anew, greener and taller.

If you know me personally, you know how reticent I am, when it comes to candy pink tones. Yet seeing the state of the world today, I think I will throw some pink shades at you, my friends.
Just like the grass of my yesteryears, the beautiful pink freesias from our front gardens were revived and full of life this morning. Last night, they were one with the ground.

Everything has been said already, during the last 24 hours. I have nothing more to add, but to many of my friends going through this unbelievable turn of events, I just want to say this:

Remember, we've been through storms before. I see your pain. Please don't ever forget the beauty of the human spirit and how in its darkest hours, humankind finds its strength in togetherness, unity and love.
Love always trumps hate. Good always wins - even if it will take some time.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Permission to Despair

What a peculiar, short word is "Now"; yet with the most elusive power.
Say it - and you've already stepped into next minute.
Effaced by faceless automatons who march into the hour
Towards the cubicles located in a central pivot.

Don't front the winter with your collar raised up like a shield,
You're not alone and you are loved; so loose that state of mind.
Somehow we'll make it through this baffling battlefield
Back to the grounds we lost during the daily grind...

This is part of a larger body of work tackling estrangement as a result of feeling overwhelmed.
How does one avoid shutting down? How does one express becoming emotionless in a world seemingly more devoid of feelings, where we become faceless silhouettes, rushing towards oblivion, while being invaded by all these picture perfect selfies?
Is it in the silence beyond that smile that never took off?
Is it in the quiet desperation of the fingers clutching a little too tight to the collar we're raising up as a shield?
How do we find the way back to communicating and being part of the community we live in?

Monday, October 03, 2016


It is superfluous, perhaps to talk about perspective. But perhaps it's not. This morning, Mother Nature decided to remind me one of life's most important lessons, by putting things in perspective.
We get carried away and it's easy to forget this one,simple thing: always remember to see the whole picture.
We get to a point where we're stuck and we think we're going around in circles at a snail's pace,without achieving much. Look closely and it seems that way. But if you take a step back, perhaps your perspective will change. The snail is the most tenacious creature I know.
So, if you're ever feeling down, here is a timely reminder to please remember to look back. Always remember where you have started from and then you'll never overlook again how far you got on the way to your goal. You might be really surprised.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Bird Fairy

She spent all night talking to the bird. “You’ll see: one day your wings will take you high up to the skies. And then you’ll never be afraid again. She told her about her own wings: once upon a time she was the tiniest fairy in Fairy Land. She spent years wishing for her special power to reveal itself - until one stormy day. The sun was just coming back and she was watching it shine through the leaves of the gum tree she was under. “- I wish I could have wings like that” she thought.
“- I’ll make your wings” – said a young sapling next to her. And ever since then, she never stopped flying. She finally found her special power and she was roaming, setting all the birds free. The little white bird said nothing. Her plastic blue wings were sad and listless. But she had the most amazing song. The fairy shook her head. She was too young; she didn’t know yet that some birds have never known freedom outside their cages. She cast a spell and set the toy bird free. After all, she was the Bird Fairy.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Traces of Green

Come closer. Lay your head. Now close your eyes. And listen:
These are the stories that you will tell when it's your time. 
Traces of green embedding winter's slow, hushed whispers 
And memories of amber skies in prime.

There's so much movement in this silence
And so much love lies in this solitude - just like a spell.
Listen: there is a tale in every fragrance; 
These echoes are the stories you must tell. 

Look past the end of rainbows and forgotten sorrows;
Feel all these blades of grass pushing your palm, 
And find the stories born from the despair of no tomorrows,
In all these hidden storms that live within the calm. 

Friday, July 08, 2016

On 105

For the uninitiated, 105mm is the focal length of a macro lens. It is a lens that I absolutely love using to collect a few shapes and colours impressions.
While I had a bit of fun playing with movie maker, I am also slowly working on building up an images portfolio based on my eternal search, trying to better understand Synaesthesia.

Monday, June 20, 2016


"Blanc" is about being blanc-minded, when you just want to let your senses make whatever they feel out of a particular moment in time, without you putting any cognitive effort into it. It's about detaching yourself from anything negative, about finding the love within.

First try at doing a slide show in a long, long while. It can do with some improvements but overall I have enjoyed working on this little project. If you know me personally, then you probably know how passionate I am about Synaesthesia and how much I love combining images, words and sounds.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Promise

It's going to be a long, stiff climb;
So you better steel yourself ahead.
Some days, we'll run against the time
Some others, our limbs will turn to lead.

Some days you'll feel as strong as ever.
Some days you will be weak and shaking;
Some others we will be silent and demur
Some days we'll look at all the dreams that you were making;
Some others, you will loose it in the dreamland
And I'll be right along to hold your hand.

Some days you'll hate the sight of me and everything on earth.
Some others, you'll enjoy my hand on yours.
There will be days of long despair - unsaid, unheard.
Days of evading on cooler, misty shores
And others of high hopes and endless hours.
For now, just take my hand and dream of Autumn colours.


Saturday, May 07, 2016

The rain

It feels like we have lived through thousand kinds of summer
Searching for words of truth where there were none.
'Been craving for a shelter in some thoughts of wonder
But where there's shelter, there's no room for sun.

'Been waiting for that rain since thousand seasons;
This falling rain kissing my salty lips
I craved its frozen blues since eons.
But nothing good comes out of howling winds.