Monday, May 30, 2016

The Promise

It's going to be a long, stiff climb;
So you better steel yourself ahead.
Some days, we'll run against the time
Some others, our limbs will turn to lead.

Some days you'll feel as strong as ever.
Some days you will be weak and shaking;
Some others we will be silent and demur
Some days we'll look at all the dreams that you were making;
Some others, you will loose it in the dreamland
And I'll be right along to hold your hand.

Some days you'll hate the sight of me and everything on earth.
Some others, you'll enjoy my hand on yours.
There will be days of long despair - unsaid, unheard.
Days of evading on cooler, misty shores
And others of high hopes and endless hours.
For now, just take my hand and dream of Autumn colours.


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