Monday, October 24, 2016

Permission to Despair

What a peculiar, short word is "Now"; yet with the most elusive power.
Say it - and you've already stepped into next minute.
Effaced by faceless automatons who march into the hour
Towards the cubicles located in a central pivot.

Don't front the winter with your collar raised up like a shield,
You're not alone and you are loved; so loose that state of mind.
Somehow we'll make it through this baffling battlefield
Back to the grounds we lost during the daily grind...

This is part of a larger body of work tackling estrangement as a result of feeling overwhelmed.
How does one avoid shutting down? How does one express becoming emotionless in a world seemingly more devoid of feelings, where we become faceless silhouettes, rushing towards oblivion, while being invaded by all these picture perfect selfies?
Is it in the silence beyond that smile that never took off?
Is it in the quiet desperation of the fingers clutching a little too tight to the collar we're raising up as a shield?
How do we find the way back to communicating and being part of the community we live in?

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