Thursday, November 10, 2016

About Love, after the Storm

The trees stood tall in the grasslands last night while the little people cuddled a bit closer and asked me to hold them tight.
- "We've been through storms before and we will see some more", I said to them. "Don't let fear guide you - hope should always be the last to leave".
We could see the trees from our window - the grasslands were bathed in light and the thunders were roaring, seconds apart. All throughout these crazy winds, the trees stood tall. And then the rhythmic raindrops falling on the window sent the little people to sleep.

In the morning, the trees were still there, with no visible sign of the battering they've just been through.
One thing that never ceased to amaze me at my grandparents' farm was how the grass would always come afresh after a good rain. Even the most trampled, crushed blades of grass would raise anew, greener and taller.

If you know me personally, you know how reticent I am, when it comes to candy pink tones. Yet seeing the state of the world today, I think I will throw some pink shades at you, my friends.
Just like the grass of my yesteryears, the beautiful pink freesias from our front gardens were revived and full of life this morning. Last night, they were one with the ground.

Everything has been said already, during the last 24 hours. I have nothing more to add, but to many of my friends going through this unbelievable turn of events, I just want to say this:

Remember, we've been through storms before. I see your pain. Please don't ever forget the beauty of the human spirit and how in its darkest hours, humankind finds its strength in togetherness, unity and love.
Love always trumps hate. Good always wins - even if it will take some time.

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