Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Misty Morning


I woke up with a startle this morning, thinking I have overslept and missed the sunrise. Instead, everything was enveloped in fog. Thick, milky, opaque fog. The kind that its hard to get right in photos.


I grabbed my camera, my bag and my hat - magpies season is on so a little safety thought can't hurt.
As soon as I stepped towards the grasslands I started to doubt my decision - the light was definitely not enough. I wish I had some more fancy equipment, some head lights, but I have to do with some improvisation, I guess. I wonder what do the real wildlife photographers use in these conditions.

I already had the ISO at 400, from a previous shoot. I bumped a few settings; the white balance for cloudy and the colour setting to "vivid". That will cut the grey off a bit but not by much, I come to realise. I bump the ISO to 800 and the to 1600. It would be interesting to see what kind of noise I get, since the light is almost inexistent.
As I was walking along the grasslands, I spotted my dear friend Tricia on the footpath. She came out for the fog too. I love having a buddy with me. I was a bit of a show off too, as I got to show her two of my regular kangaroo mobs.
We came across the first one when the light was still flat and grey. Not much of a winning shot there. you cannot even see well the joey in the first kangaroo's pouch.

But as we walk along, taking in the trees silhouettes and a considerable amount of cold water in our shoes, we can only just make out the contours of the second mob. This is a newer one, that I only came across a few days ago. I learned very quickly their hangouts. Its kangaroos are much bigger than the ones in my regular mob. They don't run away quickly either. So for a while, we chase them around and see how close they'll let us come.
This time I feel much more confident in approaching them too. Having a buddy that can go for help, gives me a much needed peace of mind.

A magpie decided to give Tricia a warning. Then the second one. He keeps flapping madly above her head, so we decide to move on. I take a moment to congratulate myself silently for bringing my hat.

All in all, it hasn't been a bad morning. Much as I love fog, I'd really like to know how to properly photograph it. Now it would be really the time to find a mentor, I think.

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