Saturday, September 27, 2014

Baby Joey

This was a very special event that I have witnessed for the first time.
I have actually seen a joey coming out of his mother's pouch. It was truly special and I wish I had a better zoom to catch it closer. I didn't dare to move; by all means, I stood still instead of going closer, as I was sure they will run away.
It is the smallest kangaroo that I have ever seen to date. I think the mother is preparing to get another baby and get this one ready to take on life.
I felt very privileged to be part of it, seeing how Joey was discovering the world, inspecting and exploring, his confidence was growing, yet kept going back to his mother for reassurance.
Fun fact about kangaroos: females can be virtually always pregnant, as they have the ability of "freezing" the development of an embryo until the joey leaves her pouch.

Joey jumped out of the pouch when I least expected it and I nearly missed it.

Hesitantly, he started looking around and his curiosity is stimulated by the many things to smell and see.

 He loves playing games with his mother; it almost looks like he is caressing her and giving her hugs.

Joey still needs his mother's reassurance; he keeps returning for a quick suck.

And he is playing games, while the rest of the mob are resting in the sun.

He inspects the pouch again, but he is not keen to go inside, now that he is up and going!

And he is giving lots of embraces and cuddles to his very patient mother, who is quietly supervising him. 

Then he returns to inspecting every flower, every tree, every grass blade, keeping close to her.

With each steps, he gains more confidence in himself.

But he keeps returning to her, for more hugs and cuddles.

And then they are up to exploring some more, together this time!


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