Friday, September 05, 2014

The Grasslands - Heaven behind our Backyard

Everyone who knows me or has seen my photos knows of my love for the Grasslands backing our yard and of my special project. Although the place seems timeless, the colours are never the same and I make it my mission to try and show as many of these beauties as I can. I am enjoying these eerie, foggy mornings and I love chasing our "neighbours". 
I get lots of jokes from my friends, asking if we have kangaroos in our backyard. My answer is: yes, we do! We are very lucky to live in a capital city, yet very close to the outback lifestyle.
Each sunrise is unique and the light can vary dramatically. These photos are taken on two different mornings where the light was very dim.  My photos, although technically not brilliant, have a pastel sort of feel that makes me think of a painting.

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