Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunrises, Rainbows and Light

It’s all in a day’s work; and if you blink, you might just miss the wonder.

My favourite times of the day are those still minutes just before sunrise. It may be that I love that brief moment of quietness – the anticipation of the day ahead, long before anyone else is up.  Alone with my thoughts, waiting for the sun.
The stillness is really just an illusion. Before I even realise, the Grasslands talk back to me: the birds fly high towards the light. The kangaroos, like me, are quietly awaiting for the sun to spread its warmth. My trees are always there. I close my eyes and for a fleeting moment I dream.
Every morning I take a peep over the fence. Or if I am lucky, I even get to venture in, if it’s a weekend morning. My Grasslands are truly magic: for all this time, a few thousands of day dreaming moments and there are no two identical photos in my ever-growing collection. Similar, perhaps, but always different in colours, tones and shapes. It’s always the same main 3 trees that I seem to concentrate on, but oh how different they look, bathed in different hues of yellow, orange and mist.
I find warmth everywhere around me; these beautiful Fall days get the most spectacular colours out. I don’t have to go far – there’s lot happening in my very own yard.
I am a true daughter of Eve – even with all these beautiful Autumn colours, I still seem to find the forbidden fruit. It’s just a crab apple, but its shape does not remain unnoticed.

The light changes fast from one moment to the other and as I said: you blink – you miss it! I love how the rainbows seem to appear out of nowhere lately; it’s like we’re playing hide ’n seek. The rainbow wins. Always. By the time I get my gear ready for a good shot, it’s practically gone. I learned that lesson, so I try my best hand held shots. It may be my journalistic formation, but I actually prefer hand-held over tripod any time. While I am grateful for my new fancy tripod, I still find it cumbersome and tiring. These days I seem to tire very quickly, out of everything really.  So if I can get away without it, you bet I will.
I also need to brush up my photoshop skills – what a great shot could this be, without the power lines.

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