Monday, April 06, 2015

Say "No" to Violence

This article by Canberra Times, as well as the past couple of weeks where 5 women lost their life due to domestic violence should serve as a big wake up call. No woman, man or child should live in fear and incertitude, not knowing where the next blow comes from.

I am starting an anti-violence campaign in the near future so here is a call for brave Canberran people who would like to volunteer as models for a few concept shoots. I will post a proper brief later, but here are a few details: it is going to be a very emotional and maybe raw campaign but I would like to suggest things through images, rather than go for the graphic visual details. Due to the fact that this is a very sensitive issues, I understand the reluctance to take part in this. However, the brief will be for low key black and white images, faces only suggested or partially obscured to make the model unrecognisable. I will also put a disclaimer on each photo, that models have been used to reenact a scenario. Any takers? Please contact me.

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