Monday, April 06, 2015

Let's Go Chasing Rainbows in the Sky! Double Rainbow, That Is.

 I was very lucky to spend a lot of my Easter Sunday daydreaming, surrounded by the things I love most: Trees and Kangaroos.
Truth be told, before and after the Easter Eggs hunt with my kids, I was actually working on a photoshoot. However, in between the shots I had to do for my work, I found myself drawn more and more towards exploring. I was chasing the light, as always, but today light has played hide and seek with me all day, putting on display the most amazing hues and tonalities. You see, this is the magic of my grasslands and here is how it works: once you get enthralled, you keep coming for some more. And it always seems that I am getting little (or big) signs that can only tell me “Follow your dream”.  

While taking a few shots of the kangaroos I realized that they didn’t run away as they did a few days ago – I can only think they were maybe interested in my music. Synesthesia plays a big part in who I am as a creative and the way I work. Usually, when I get immersed into  a concept, I tend to relate to a particular artist, song, album or theme and it might or it mightn’t reflect in my work. But it gets me through the tedious part of the job. Today, good old Freddy Mercury was my companion through a concept shoot meant to display the work of a graphic designer.

Here is a very interesting coincidence that left me speechless while listening to "Mr. Bad Guy". For those too young to know Freddie Mercury's song, the lyrics go: "let's go chasing rainbows in the sky..." Next thing, I look up and this happened. The most amazing double rainbow was unfolding right before my eyes. I kid you not, I almost dropped my camera.

Now putting aside this unexplainable coincidence for a bit, here are some lessons I learned today: don't ever bracket when chasing for running kangaroos. And the 3d tracker although a great idea, is slowing down the AF considerably, when trying to shoot a burst (3shots, didn't even try for the 5 shots). The two combined - bracketing and 3D tracker...slow death.
The other important lesson is that I really need to learn how to take better shots of rainbows.

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