Monday, April 20, 2015

A World Made of Happy Moments

One lightless morning, when the sun didn't seem to ever consider coming out from the clouds.
One drab, colourless day -  bitter cold, tired and sore, when sleep was still beckoning me, I chose to go dreaming.
One day when I was crazy enough to think that in a world supersaturated with perfectly post processed photos, there will be space for dim, dark and lightless photos from the Grasslands. Little did I know about the magic that was going to unfold quietly, just for me.
I ventured out of my circle of warmth and comfort on this cold, dreary morning, not really expecting anything. I could already tell that it wasn't going to be a spectacular sunrise yet something called out to me.
The kangaroos were already out, waiting for the sun. Like me. They scattered away quickly, startled by my quick pace. A mother with her joey lingered around and we studied each other for a while. Then they took shelter under a tree waiting for that sunrise that wasn't rushing at all.
The world was asleep. The sun as well; and I was starting to ask myself whether I should go back to bed instead of chasing Morganas. But then it hit me: I was out there because I like to dream. I dream of a world where everything doesn't have to be perfect, where we should make happy memories, rather than aim for fame. I have nothing to show for fame, but the memories of this Saturday will always be with me. For a few brief moments, I have enjoyed magic, all by myself. I had the sunrise on my left and a beautiful, big rainbow on my right, arching high above my house. The other end was stretching lazily over the hills. And then the Sun did come out. For just a brief moment; it smiled shyly through the trees and chose to go back in the clouds for the entire day.

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