Monday, December 22, 2014

Too Many Violins and no Cello

I am still trying to wrap my head around this mad year. 2014 has indeed been a challenging year in many ways and much as I try understanding some of the events, it just seems that madness takes over us slowly, creeping in. On a global scale, a lot has happened: the breath taking, the unthinkable and the spectacular, the saddening and the uplifting. The horrifying, the happy-ending and the hope-bringing. Not necessarily in this order.
The trouble with the world is that we all want to do the talking. No one wants to listen anymore. And if you say this, I say that,  and then you again, then me again... But sometimes, the dialogue gets distorted, sometimes it seems we just wait (im)patiently for our turn to talk again and the other person's message gets lost. We fail to recognise the silent cries for help. We fail to recognise desperation. We witness abuse without even realising so. We loose connection within community, as well as with our innermost dreams. We dream big, but we forget to find wonder in all the small things. 
It's like the world has turned into one big orchestra, where everyone is a violin wanting to play the solo part. And it all results in discordance. Most of the time, there is no cello to punctuate the rhythm. Or the direction. 
Playing cello requires strength and skill that most of us don't master. It is one of the most critical instruments for orchestral music, as it provides part of the harmony. 
We need this harmony, to exist as a nation. And as a species. We need determined people, strong enough to tackle being the cello: we need leaders. So find your voices. Speak up, but don't forget to listen to the weaker ones. Together we can build the song. The harmony. 

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