Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A Storm to remember

I have always wondered, what happens to the kangaroos at night. Or during cold & rain. Or storms.
Last night's storm was certainly a sight to see. I will always remember how the skies were lightened up every 4 seconds or so. It was really amazing to see those bright display overlayed on the very dark sky. And it was a great surprise to find the answer to my question.

The kangaroos are still here, in the grasslands. Waiting patiently for the weather to improve. It was so dark that I really didn't see them in the beginning. It was lucky that a car passed by and had the night lights on.
Excuse the quality of my photos - these were all taken handheld, with a camera that I am just getting used to.
It is a bit of a vain act, but it felt so utterly unreal, being there, so I had to find a way to get myself in the landscape, as a way to remember this magical night. I don't think I was ever more grateful for a light post placed in the most convenient spot.

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