Tuesday, December 16, 2014


15 December 2014: the world will never be the same and we will never take things for granted ever again.  I was holding my 2yo this morning, as he wanted a cuddle and went to sleep. It’s a weird feeling, to hold your little one in your arms and enjoy his peaceful nap. Yet tears were streaming down my cheeks, thinking of all the families whose Christmases will never be the same.
There is nothing I can do, as an individual, about the #sidneysiege and its outcome. But we are one. And we are many. And in true Australian spirit, this should bring us together and now it’s the time to make our voices heard. There are two things we can do, to not let these lunatics win. 
 Firstly, let’s start looking into our hearts. Do not let hatred darken your better judgement. Do not  mix all Muslims in a pot and do not hate people because of their religion. They are just regular people, like me and you, working hard for a better life and to give their kids a better education. I am very proud to personally know a few and honoured to count them as friends.  My GP is Muslim and I would trust his decisions with my life. What happened yesterday is the work of deranged minds using religion as a justification for their acts. True Muslims are kind, caring and very considerate.
The other important thing we need to do is – don’t let them win! Don’t let the fear grow in your hearts. I do not support any politician in particular but yesterday I couldn’t agree more with our PM . We should go about our business as usual, we should carry on with our lives and that is what I intend to do. Especially now, I feel that the world needs more beauty. We all need to take a step back, inhale and be reminded that there is still goodness, beauty and faith in this world. A lot of it. I do not have the power to change things per se, but I can share some beauty from the only place I know I can find peace. My beloved Grasslands, the home of many species who live together in peace.


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