Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bonding (II)

The Grasslands Nature Reserve is a vast space and replacing its fence is a very big job, taking a few days. On my previous post, I was talking about a National Geographic Assignment and the way it taught me to redefine the way I am seeing photography. Not only mine, but also the way my son is interacting with the surrounding environment, without me having to tell him how to do it.
(If you missed my first post, click here to see it)
It has also taught me to understand better a few things. My son is only 2yo and loves talking to people and taking pictures. He is also very tiny and a lot of times I feel like picking him up while taking his shot. That would be a mistake, as it would change his perspective. I know now. I also learned to trust his judgement and let him show me what he wants and what he can do. Quite a few surprises there...Without me telling him how to do things, he actually took better shots than me.
His photo got noticed by two of the editors, which is very rewarding, considering his age. It does not matter whether we get picked or not for the final story. The thing is, we learned to function better both as individuals and as a team.
Encouraged by the results of out first photo shoot, we followed up with a second visit a few days later. We went back, trying to take it a layer deeper, as encouraged by the National Geographic Editor. My 2yo had a blast following around and talking to the contractors, who were very knowledgeable and friendly.  We found Nick and his men in between tasks. The conversation recommenced easily.  My 2yo run to Nick, proudly announcing: "We came to take photos of you". Nick smiled and he explained (very patiently) a few various jobs to my son; he even has shown him how a baby bobcat works.
Nick is a government contractor who has been in business for over 20 years. He also works for sustainable energy companies.
His biggest challenge to date is to find continuous employment for his team. 
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