Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A Man and His Camera

Meet Master G; a typical 2yo. Active, sporty and very inquisitive. He loves more than anything going out in the grasslands and taking photos. And he is very serious about it; he gets working with the same pedantry as a grown up. 
 I couldn't help myself but admiring how concentrated on the job he was. He has a very close, almost organic connection to his camera. He understands its basic functions; even if he puts his fingers in front of the lens every now and then.
If you get down to his eye's level, it is really spectacular to see the world through a very new perspective. Sometimes we forget how great it feels to explore the surrounding worlds. Sometimes we just need a little guy like him, to remember that there is still lots to be discovered out there.
Sometimes I feel like picking him up during his photo shoots - he is so tiny. But that would change his perspective and the story he tells through his lens.


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