Thursday, October 09, 2014

The Red Moon

Astronomic Photography is really one of the most difficult tasks, in my opinion, and I am far form good at it. But I won't live to see too many blood moons so I had to try.

My tripod didn't really want to cooperate and I don't have a remote control - in the good old times, a release cable was gold :) Unfortunately, my camera won't take one of these, I reckon the remote is the digital equivalent of it.

I went out in the grasslands early, just to see the full moon and do some testing. It was really trying to find the right settings, taking in the account not only the moon's & the earth's movements but also the gentle jolt from me pressing the release button.

Another challenge I found was that my camera has only 3 focusing points - not a handy thing at night. But I tried figuring out various settings, various ways.


And then I managed to get just a few snapshots of the red moon. I just had to give up the idea of incorporating the grasslands into the shot.

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