Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Parallel Worlds

Today it's about a different kind of message, about finding one's own creativity, about reinventing oneself and about finding new ways of observing one's reality.
Life with the little ones involves most of the time discovering a different world, through a very different perspective.
Both my 4yo and my 2yo are very creative little people and love expressing themselves through art; art has helped us in many ways during their challenging moments, during trying times, or when they had difficulties to adjust to a new situation, or to dealing with loss.
Sometimes we find it hard to adopt or understand some of the directions that some contemporary art has taken - some seem devoid of any colours or sense.
most of the time, we are just happy to improvise and find our own way. Inspired by a National Geographic assignment, we took out our cameras and went on a quest. It wasn't exactly what I pictured it would be; somehow it was better though - Little Miss chose to craft the stories of a parallel world, while my 2yo was happy to take some photos.
It turned to be a different learning journey, telling stories with reflections.
Picture a 4yo's fascination with the surrounding environments: always on the move, always searching with those inquisitive eyes. At any rate, most of the times, the answers are different, beyond my wildest dreams.
We follow the yellow brick road, we fly on magic winged creatures, we splash with mermaid tales...or was it just a dream?



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