Monday, January 21, 2008

The Butterflies Farm

Once upon a time, a dreamer thought about a Butterflies farm. And then he made it come true. The Old English word for butterfly was buttorfleoge, apparently because butterflies were thought to steal milk. A similar word is found in Dutch and German, it seems they had the same belief. So, what do humans and butterflies have in common? They both get drunk, for instance. And fall in love. Or, the other way around – they fall in love and get drunk. It doesn’t really matter, the order. Some of them have only 6 days to live. So better make the best out of it.
I learn a new, oxymoronic meaning of “ephemerid”. Ironically, sometimes, it takes forever to become an ephemerid, if you’d believe that. It starts as a small egg, called chorion.
Butterflies leave their eggs on leaves, fixed with a special glue. The egg develops into a worm…well, caterpillar, which eats and eats continuously. It feeds for months. A caterpillar is green, while is still feeding on leaves. You’ll know the time has come for a new stage, when the caterpillar changes its color to dark and seeks shelter under a leaf, or on a tree branch. The chrysalis can be in latent phase for various times, from weeks to months.Then one day, a butterfly emerges.
I still don’t know exactly which butterfly has the shortest life span; but when it comes to live life to the fullest, well, butterflies can certainly do it. Beside the nectar, they drink the fermented juice of fruits touched by the sun, which probably has same effect as the good old whiskey on a chap wondering around in a torrid, scorching day. They drink, they mate, and they die happily ever after.


Lana said...

Good words.

Planet Akka said...

Thank you verymuch, Lana. I really enjoyed my time and I thought the idea of a Butterfly Farm was very clever. I actually wrote a childrens book as well, but oh well...let's see when or if it will get published.