Monday, January 21, 2008

Kagoshima – I Dreamed of a Beautiful Cherry Blossom

The latest cinema trends have brought the Geishas fascination again to the Western World; maybe in a more glamorous dimension, I would think.
But really, how many people take the time to admire the beauty in a kimono?
I learned that kimonos have different patterns and different colors, for each season. Different styles and different colors for young and old. In the spring - bright colors and spring floral patterns. In autumn, fall colors and fall patterns: designs may include chrysanthemums or maple leaves. In the winter, patterns and designs such as the bamboo, pine trees or plum blossoms are worn, for they signify good luck and prosperity. The fabric also plays a role in the seasons. In the summer, cotton clothes are worn whereas in the fall and winter, heavier or lined clothing is worn.
For women in particular, the kimono is not only worn based on the person’s age but also by their marital status. Young unmarried women wear kimono with long sleeves that are very vibrant, colorful and rich with patterns. Married women or older women would wear simpler more subdued clothes.
As for the stories, I learned that the Sakura flower has its own dance.

Every hand movement, every finger tells a story – it’s all in the angles and in the inclination of the palm. I am dazzled both by the women’s elegant moves and by the perfection of their kimono dynamic, during the dance. They make it look so easy…I learn that the entire kimono clothing has an impressive weight.

The hair style requires hours of preparation, in order to reach perfection.

Do cats pray, I wonder? They certainly love to be around sanctuaries.

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