Saturday, January 12, 2008

Suddenly, Life...

There are very few of us, truly determined to find their way around their lives. The truth is, we waste the most part of our existence waiting.
Waiting for a bus, waiting for a train…For a plane or for the car to be serviced. Waiting for someone or waiting for a phone call. Waiting for the perfect job, for the perfect man or for the perfect woman…for deadlines and results…waiting for a window to open, after the door was closed…or waiting for another door… Waiting for God to take care of us, like He takes care of the birds. Waiting for the Guardian Angel to shed some inspiration. Or for a muse.
We very seldom take the unbeaten path, discovering life as such. We live in comfortable, daily stereotypes, enjoying the sheltered corporate office, doing the 150 keystroke pm, listening the whisper of the mp3 player…So really, how does one prepare for life?
There’s life out there, in case you have forgotten. Just take a stroll, open each door and in the end you’ll be surprised by its Diversity, oozing from each and every corner.

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