Thursday, April 27, 2006

About Balance...

Keeping one’s balance is a delicate thing, nowadays….

One sad example. On the news: during these few Easter days, the rate of domestic violence broke the records in a certain city.
(I won’t quote the name, I am ashamed enough to admit this happened in my own country).
They’ve got it all wrong… The Easter Message, please????
I wonder if nowadays, anyone else would agree to give their life, in order to redeem these poor bastards, who are getting ride of their frustrations by beating the pitiable wives.
I don’t know who I am angrier with: the society, for not getting too involved, or the Media, for seeking the sensational again?
One thing is for sure: if we, as a Community, will reflect more on the statistics received daily and if we would allow ourselves getting (wisely) involved, maybe this will be a better world, one day.
This is a message from a journalist to the others: We should use wisely the power we have. And we should be constructive.

And since I mentioned the balance… The woman depicted seemed to find the right balance – for money, of course. She has nothing to do with the case mentioned, but I choose these photos, which I took in Antigua, just as a remembrance of the “Relaaax, man! You’re in Caribbean now!” spirit. Maybe we all do need a bit of dolce far’niente, every now and then. But not too much. And a bit of color, too.

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