Friday, April 21, 2006

The Earth is Round!

No kidding!
The Earth is round and I am circling it even more… I spent my Easter en route from Argentina to Romania, so to all of you waiting for my messages, here it is: a very belated Easter greeting.

Nevertheless, I am in time for the Orthodox Easter and I am (re)discovering my roots. Today I learned how to dye the eggs, using herbs and layers of onion skins. And here we are again, facing World’s Nr. # 1 dilemma: What comes first, the chick or the egg? This time around it’s pretty self-explanatory: this chick has dyed some pretty cool eggs.
What do you reckon, Mr. P?

The results are not too bad; I feel like I created some cubist eggs. Well, maybe cubism is a bit too much to say - the eggs are still oval, maybe mosaic or inlay would describe it better. Some shades are a tad too cold, for my taste, but in the end, it may be the influence of this crappy weather.
Strange, wherever I go, the rain and cold winds will follow…


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