Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life Line


Out of a pen, those mighty words 
Flew over skies down to a grassy knoll
Hiding around, like homeless birds
And found their home inside a lonely soul. 

Each day, they fly from darkness to the sun.
Each lightless night they guide towards the shore. 
Their magic spell has quietly been spun:
The lonely soul would like some more.

A while ago, I wouldn’t have gathered the courage to confess what inspired my poem.
But over the past few months I have learned that anxiety and depression are more common that we think. That it takes time and strength to reach for help. And that is perfectly fine. What is not fine at all is the taboo zone around the mental health dialogue; we tend to pretend that all is great when in reality it is hard to admit even to ourselves that it is not.
We are brought up to be perfectionists – and we are also putting this pressure upon ourselves, to be perfect in every single thing we do. Except that somewhat our upbringing forgets to mention that the world we live in is far from being perfect. There is so much anguish, pain and inequity out there. Not to mention the huge geo-political unrest we are currently witnessing.
So today, on “R U OK Day”, I want you to ask your friends and family if they truly are ok. Better still, I want you to really listen to what they say.  Just put your phones/books/newspapers down for a few minutes and listen.  Just listen. They might surprise you with a frank answer.
Because I know how it feels to smile on the outwards while feeling sheer desolation.
Because around three months ago, this poem was inspired by a “Beyond Blue” add inviting to reach out when you feel depressed.  Ok, the pen is a poetical licence; it was actually a screen. But you get the idea. TALK TO SOMEONE AND REACH OUT if you feel that life is getting too much. And when someone does talk back to you, believe me, it’s a life line.
Enjoy a quiet, beautiful walk in the sunrise of my grasslands. For me, art is the best medicine.



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