Sunday, June 21, 2015

Love is Love

Small update on 27.06.2015: 
Isn't it amazing that #LoveWins? As it always should. #Australia, you can do it too! The fact that USA has recognised the #MarriageEquality is a great step towards a better tomorrow. Now we need to work on attitudes, too. Just like racism, homophobia will not disappear over night. Even if it is illegal to discriminate, some people out there are and will still be doing it. Hopefully the stereotypes will start fading and one way to ensure that this will happen is to start telling our children that is is ok to love who you want. That it is doesn't matter who you are, what your preferences, your religion or race are. The only thing that should matter is whether you are a good person. I am reposting on all social media my #photstory on #MarriageEquality rally in #Canberra because I think it is more important than ever. Please help spreading the love. Share away, my friends.

Today, I came across the #marriageequality rally by chance, as I happened to be in the city with my camera. And I am grateful for being there, for witnessing two powerful messages. 
Firstly, seeing so many children involved, gives me hope for a better tomorrow. For a world where humanity, common sense, compassion and love will reign, if we all try to bring up our kids without projecting on them our own vision of the world. Seriously, try listening to the little people. Really listen to what they have to say, to their take on things. You will be amazed beyond words. 
I also really enjoyed Shane Rattenbury's message. Very powerful and delivered with his heart. You know what? I am #proudtobecanberran too. 
I  am an European "transplant" but after such a long time being here, I consider myself very close to a true blue local for the simple fact that I know lots of little nooks that no one else does. Canberra for me was pretty much love at first sight. And something tells me it would stay that way for an eternity and a half. 
I am going to leave these images here- they speak for themselves. My camera was merely a witness, documenting a moment that we might remember in years to come as the beginning of equality. I am going to say just this: I think it is pretty awesome that politicians here can be openly gay, live with their partners, even have children together and that this will not ruin their political career. Show me any other country where this is happening. So why then, holding back and denying gay couple the right to be legally acknowledged as a family? #loveislove. On my agenda, it only matters if you are a good person. I don't care what religion you choose to follow, what race you are or what happens in your bedroom. Everyone is free to make their choices. As long as you are in a happy, loving and mutually respectful relationship, it shouldn't matter to anyone else who your partner is. Or their gender. 
I know quite a few married couples who have long lost any connection with each other but choose to stay together for the kids, for convenience or for keeping up the appearances. Why are they more entitled to a legal bind than a same-sex couple is? 
On the other hand, I have quite a few friends in a same-sex relationship and I am always amazed by the way they manage to keep "that sparkle" going, by the gentleness, deep respect and love they always have for each other. I think it's only right they get the same legal recognition, same legal rights. I find it extremely unsettling that countries like Ireland and Mexico (who are renowned for their Catholic direction) found it fit to legalise same sex marriage, while Australia, whom I always considered progressive, modern and forward, is still somewhat rejecting the idea. Love always comes from the heart. The rest is just details. So my friends, today and always, #teamequal definitely has my #freevote. Upon leaving the place, I couldn't help but notice that even Mother Nature rallied to the cause, projecting a beautiful rainbow where was least expected.
If you liked this story, please feel free to share it. If you are in these pics, please contact me for your free copies. If you are a parent of these children, you have my deepest respect.

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