Monday, March 09, 2015

#Enlighten 2015 Canberra

There is nothing more that I can say about "Enlighten that hasn't already been said.
It's one of the most popular festivals in Canberra. I was hoping to have more chances to take photographs here but in the end I only made it one evening.
The Questacon projections was one of the major attractions, as well as the National Library building projections. While I was attracted a lot of the lights and colours, I really liked more to include the people in their ambient. I should have really taken a pic of the long line of photographers taking their position but in the end I opted for long exposure shots, which I think depicts very accurately that ephemeral  moment: we pass by, stop for a moment to admire the display and then we go on with our lives. Happier. And perhaps more enlightened. "Voyage", this year's novelty was very well received by the public: illuminated little boats constantly changing colours.

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