Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Budgets, Strings and Webs

Today I want to talk about frustrations and about some of the challenges encountered when doing photography on a budget. Sometimes you just have to make do with whatever or however you can.  
Last night I have taken some very clich√© photos - you know the type; spider webs with a few drops of water/dew/rain, etc...
Well let me tell you that it is actually not an easy feat when you have to be doing manual focus on a tiny, moving subject and without a macro lens. To top it up, camera was handheld in windy and very low light condition, as it was just after the sun set. The photos are not very sharp, but at least I had a chance to practice something else, out of my comfort zone. Something that made me think about how to achieve it. And about how to approach it next time.
One thing that I enjoyed was the fact that I was able to derive some pretty abstracts from there that I might be able to use later on for some web design.




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