Thursday, January 22, 2015

Portraits study

I have decided to challenge myself this year and reinvent myself.
It is very easy to fall into a pattern and for me, the reoccurrence stands in Landscape photography and kangaroos shots (I cannot really call myself a wildlife photographer).
Therefore, this year I am going to get more into portrait and I would also like to explore more with Astro-photography.
Here are a few shots taken during the rain. 

Rain won't keep in this little wanderer who loves nothing more than explore everything, everywhere at any time.

We made a Fairy garden, especially for them. But it is raining, so we got them a special table and special seats. A special tiny tea set with little love hearts. Because we love fairies more than anything else. We set everything ready. And now we wait..



Anonymous said...

Hey there owner of Great site. I think you should be little more strict with the comments.

Akka Ballenger said...

Not sure I follow? I don't see any other comments on this post.