Saturday, February 13, 2016

Life's Metaphors

Mother Nature gives the most selfless and unexpected gifts. Our little family got bigger, it seems, as we have new residents.
This little guy is the tiniest blue tongue I have seen to date.
My next door neighbour is a wildlife rescue volunteer and quite a bit of an expert in bluetongues so I followed her advice on keeping an eye on this little guy without hindering him. He seems unhurt, healthy and happy.
By chance, I have also discovered the tiniest snail on the very same spot. They seemed blissfully unaware of each other - especially the snail.
I wondered whether the bluetongue has started to eat snails yet - he seemed totally un-phased that dinner was literally under his nose.

I couldn't help but feel like one of life's big metaphors was right there, in front of my eyes, for me to learn. We are all born unbiased, unspoiled and definitely without narrow minds. All these are acquired much later in life, depending on our personal experiences. As children, we are natural explorers, curious and eager to learn.
Just like the bluetongue and the snail, when we meet other humans, the dialogue could go either way: "Let's be friends" or "Run for your life". It all depends on that starting point that defined our childhood.
This was also the first time I have looked so close to a snail "in action". It was quite fascinating to see it moving up onto the clovers and not topple over its own weight.
Unfortunately, I didn't have time to switch to a macro lens - it would have been fantastic. These shots were taken long after the sunset, in the shade, under the kids' water play area; the light was beyond sparse. My battery warning was flashing yet surprisingly despite all the odds, I managed to take a few shots.

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